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Marketing spend analysis and return

Justifying marketing spend is always a challenge when budgets need to be justified. When sales discount and marketing spends are at competition the best way to arrive a decision is to do a comparative analysis of sales growth month after month with respect to both discount strategies and marketing spend. Time phased analysis can show critical trends to adjust pricing strategies by product and by markets. While trends provide insights into past performance what it does not show are the root causes behind poor or good sales. By analyzing the marketing spends, trade discounts and channel performance respectively the picture becomes clearer. Once you get the basics in, analyzing your pricing strategy also becomes a science and can be controlled with better precision.

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Discovering insight into your enterprise data is import. For banks, understanding customer needs, product selection, compliance and regulatory requirements can be achieved using Core Analytx suite of solutions. Or ad-hoc reporting solution can seamlessly integrate with your enterprise data warehouse and allow your business users to create ad-hoc reports, visualization and metric measurements.

Risk, lending, capital markets can readily use our solutions as add-on to supplement your reporting, forecasting, and complex data analysis needs. Our deployments are available in public cloud, private cloud and dedicated environments to ensure your data security along with complying with your privacy requirements. For more details contact us.