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I’m a Sales Manager for a large Pharmaceutical company. I need to see performance stats for each of my regions and any tools that I use must be simple because I’m not a super-technical person. Previous solutions didn’t work for me because they didn’t utilize the data that I was most interested in and they were so hard to use. I gave up pretty quickly in the past, but I’m up for a new solution if it’s something that will be useful to me.

Core Charts offers clear, precise data visualizations that tell you everything you need to know about your business operations at a glance. Through the easy creation of charts, graphs and powerful dashboards, you can simplify decision making processes within your business with a user-friendly solution for creating effective data visualizations. Featuring an easy to use drag and drop interface and attractive graphics, users can create the charts and graphs they need quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Stop sifting through data looking for answers or missing out on important tracking details that you may be missing because you don’t know where to look. With portal BI and detailed analytics functionality from Core Charts, you’ll see everything clearly laid out right before your eyes, allowing for simplified decision making.