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Ontime Charts offer an intuitive, business-friendly way to capture the state of the business. The interface to generate Ontime visualizations has been designed to allow business users to create visuals. These visuals generate insight, which can be used to help make informed business decisions.

The Ontime Map is inundated with powerful capabilities to help visualize geolocation data. The mapping engine allows aggregations to be computed around the locations provided in the data. The user can zoom out of a particular geographic area to view an aggregate of all the locations present within the region. This feature coupled with Ontime Alerts allow highlighting of potential points of interest, which may then be further drilled into to identify any particular anomalies.


In addition to Ontime Alerts, a user may even use the Ontime Filter feature to filter out “noisy” data to help concentrate on the data that is meaningful to the purpose of analysis.

Ontime visuals allow the user to create “Alerts” which are useful in highlighting specific conditions by configuring different colors. As displayed in the graphic, actual or planned development which is completed, will be shown in green color otherwise it will highlight in yellow color.