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Core Planning

I’m a CFO and I need to plan the budget for my business. I need my finance team to be able to collaborate, run scenarios and generate accurate, useful budgets that will help my leadership team make effective decisions. We need the latest data in order to set our internal targets, develop sales forecasts and plan our marketing efforts. Without this critical information and easy to use processes in place for managing data, we are simply spinning our wheels without maximizing our potential.

Core Planning offers the functionality teams need to manage sales and marketing budgets, generate accurate forecasts and view data through a user friendly graphical interface. Through the powerful combination of collaborative tools and data resources, users can access the data they need the most, right at their finger tips. Core Planning enables teams to make smart business decisions when it comes to planning the budget, forecasting profits and managing the day to day operations of the business. Through powerful dashboards and state of the art backend operations, Core Planning is the ultimate BI tool for businesses who want to get ahead.