Core Analytx Oracle Partners

Rich Web Interface

Our expertly-developed BI applications provide a visually pleasing, easy to use interface that allows users to pull multiple data sources together to perform meaningful analysis. Through powerful functionality that is backed by the Core Analytx team of experts, our data visualization tool allow users to create reports through drag & drop functionality, sort data according to personal preferences, dynamically re-position columns and group data for analysis.

Business Analytics solutions should provide clear visibility and  insights into critical data that is vital to decision making for a business.  By creating user friendly solutions leveraging cutting edge technology, Core Analytx offers a solution that makes it easy to plan, visualize and analyze the most important information for your business. Some of the built in capabilities you may want to leverage are:

  • Core Planning – Manage sales and marketing budgets and generate accurate sales forecasting data through an easy to use interface. Ideal for financial reporting, what-if-scenario planning and bottom up forecasting, Core Planning can replace your spreadsheet challenges and provide a head start into efficient planning capabilities.
  • Core Charts – See a complete, accurate picture of your business at a glance, with effective data visualizations and easy to use data analsis tools.
  • Core Metrix.  – Fast acess to customized metrics that simplify forecasting efforts without the need for extensive technical know-how.

Core Analytix solutions include a complete delivery system allowing for use on a user’s desktop, laptop or mobile device, with support for all popular mobile operating platforms included.