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Reporting and Analysis Case Study


Reporting and Analysis
Almost all complex reporting and analytics solutions require complex manipulation of data. The company had to run thousands of
business rules onto the data to filter out the reports. Writing rules with
if-then logic is very cumbersome in spreadsheets, as users must maintain versions and always need to look for conflicting rules.

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Marketing spend analysis and return

Justifying marketing spend is always a challenge when budgets need to be justified. When sales discount and marketing spends are at competition the best way to arrive a decision is to do a comparative analysis of sales growth month after month with respect to both discount strategies and marketing spend. Time phased analysis can show critical trends to adjust pricing strategies by product and by markets. While trends provide insights into past performance what it does not show are the root causes behind poor or good sales. By analyzing the marketing spends, trade discounts and channel performance respectively the picture becomes clearer. Once you get the basics in, analyzing your pricing strategy also becomes a science and can be controlled with better precision.

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Discovering insight into your enterprise data is import. For banks, understanding customer needs, product selection, compliance and regulatory requirements can be achieved using Core Analytx suite of solutions. Or ad-hoc reporting solution can seamlessly integrate with your enterprise data warehouse and allow your business users to create ad-hoc reports, visualization and metric measurements.

Risk, lending, capital markets can readily use our solutions as add-on to supplement your reporting, forecasting, and complex data analysis needs. Our deployments are available in public cloud, private cloud and dedicated environments to ensure your data security along with complying with your privacy requirements. For more details contact us.

Rich Web Interface

Our expertly-developed BI applications provide a visually pleasing, easy to use interface that allows users to pull multiple data sources together to perform meaningful analysis. Through powerful functionality that is backed by the Core Analytx team of experts, our data visualization tool allow users to create reports through drag & drop functionality, sort data according to personal preferences, dynamically re-position columns and group data for analysis.

Business Analytics solutions should provide clear visibility and  insights into critical data that is vital to decision making for a business.  By creating user friendly solutions leveraging cutting edge technology, Core Analytx offers a solution that makes it easy to plan, visualize and analyze the most important information for your business. Some of the built in capabilities you may want to leverage are:

  • Core Planning – Manage sales and marketing budgets and generate accurate sales forecasting data through an easy to use interface. Ideal for financial reporting, what-if-scenario planning and bottom up forecasting, Core Planning can replace your spreadsheet challenges and provide a head start into efficient planning capabilities.
  • Core Charts – See a complete, accurate picture of your business at a glance, with effective data visualizations and easy to use data analsis tools.
  • Core Metrix.  – Fast acess to customized metrics that simplify forecasting efforts without the need for extensive technical know-how.

Core Analytix solutions include a complete delivery system allowing for use on a user’s desktop, laptop or mobile device, with support for all popular mobile operating platforms included.

Integrated Security

Core Analytx designs products with a strong focus on keeping valuable data safe and secure, no matter where it is being stored. Applications can be configured to allow a specific set of users to create data sets, reports and charts for added flexibility, and dashboards can be targeted towards individual users. The system can easily give privileged users access to classified & restricted data, while keeping other users out. The security model can be leveraged according to territory, regions and roles structure of your organization. Data can also be segmented by departments. The concepts of user roles, groups and integration of security with other applications is built into Core Analytx product family.

Applications can be configured to allow a specific set of users to create data sets, reports and charts for added flexibility, and dashboards can be targeted towards individual users. Further fine-tuning of the system can easily give privileged users access to classified & restricted data. Roles securities can be synchronized with your other applications in both front and back office.

Dynamic Data Resizing of Reports

Filtering through large data sets is critical to business. Applying alerts, rules and filters are features that Core Analytx provides at ease. In addition there are mathematical rules that a user can apply to automatically apply data filters. Filters selected by users at run-time dictate what data is displayed at any point in time.

Adhoc Reports & Charts

Powerful capabilities to conduct adhoc analysis and generate desired reports and charts with only a few clicks is easy with Core Analytx.

Sourcing multiple data sources into the product is easy and can be done simply. If you are challenged with having multiple data sources where cross database references are needed but yet they are painful to be accumulated and joined Core Analytx provides a simple solution to accumulate that data and eventually allows the user to create ad hoc reports. The capability to generate reports is native to the application and does not require any programming or designing skills. If you have already invested in large data warehouse solutions but are constantly challenged to create reports were new data sets are needed for your analysis that are not available on your data warehouse, Core Analytx can be a perfect add-on solution to your enterprise data warehouse, allowing powerful ad hoc analysis capabilities.


Healthcare and Insurance

Core Analytx specializes in building powerful solutions that address several industry-specific challenges. By streamlining internal processes and managing all aspects of the business through easy to use tools, effective data management and powerful visuals, business owners can increase their bottom line while carefully managing growth and demand.  In short, businesses become more organized and sales & marketing efforts become more efficient!

We provide critical solutions that integrate with health care and insurance claims data in order to perform analysis on services, eligibility, product profitability and operational analysis quickly and easily.

Through our solutions we have helped clients manage their businesses in the following areas.

• Reporting and data analysis on health care beneficiaries, their spouses and their families
• Integration with medicare insurance systems
• ICD-9/10-CM Medical injuries and processes data in reports
• Claimant attorney representation by creating multi-dimensional analysis and reporting.

Planning and Budgeting

Our solutions provide Role-based interfaces for basic and advanced users that support organizational hierarchies. Functional responsibilities may be assigned to individuals or groups and our solutions provide tailored templates, all with an easy to use interface coupled with powerful technology.

Our solutions make it easy to import spreadsheets that many departments depend on for planning and budgets, as well as allowing for role-based access within an attractive web interface. Planners and managers can view and share template-based or ad-hoc reports, including those with complex measurements, such as the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Report and the Statement of Earnings. Users can also set up alternative scenarios for forecasting, including financial intelligence such as the analysis of results from profitabaility studies.